Children's Eye Care

Your children's eyes work hard all the time... that's why NHS eye tests and glasses are FREE for kids & teens...

The smartest kids have their eyes tested regularly.

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One in five school children has and undetected eye problem.


80% of a child's learning occurs visually.


Without treatment vision defects such as lazy eyes can become permanent disabilities.


Kids receive up to 3 times more sun exposure than adults. UV light is as dangerous for the yes as it is to the skin, increasing eye pathologies later in life.


Regular eye exams are crucial for your childs healthcare & personal development.


Specialist eye exams can help with children with learning difficulties & visual stress (such as in Dyslexia Dyspraxia ADHD).

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It costs nothing to have your child's eyes tested except about 30 minutes of your time. Most children's eye are fine but in the unlikely event they do need glasses or contact lenses, you'll receive a contribution towards the cost and be able to advise you from a variety of options for both spectacles and the latest types of contact lenses most suitable for children for self confidence & personal development at school.

"It's never too early to protect your children's eyes - make an appointment for an eye examination today"