Eye examinations

Your eye's health starts by having a 30 minute eye examination with us.

Due to our investment in technology, we give our patients the option of 2 levels of eye examination. The cost of an advanced eye exam is a small price to pay for the reassurance of a clean bill of health for your eyes, so you can enjoy the best visual comfort and visual performance at the optimum level & something we recommend to all our patients.

STANDARD EYE EXAM: A 17 point eye examination of a level that you would expect from us, which includes examining the back of your eyes (the retina), your eye co-ordination ( how your eyes work together), depth perception, colour vision (on children), pupil reactions, eye pressures, a detailed visual assessment, analysis of your old spectacle glasses plus any other tests necessary together with advice and recommendations.

ADVANCED EYE EXAM:- The above PLUS the use of the latest medical digital imaging technology to take photographs of the your retina(s) that are so detailed they can reveal signs of conditions such as high blood pressure, diabetes, aneurysms, glaucoma, cataracts, macular degeneration and other conditions. This permanent record can be viewed and can be compared with subsequent images in the future allowing follow up & the early detection of microscopic changes. The test only takes a few minutes and does not require drops.

An additional examination to assesses your retinal sensitivity and optic nerve from the eye to your vision assessment area in the brain - thereby allowing us look for conditions such as strokes, aneurysms, retinal tears/detachments and as well numerous as other that can be associated with the eyes and brain.

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