Goldcare membership

The smart way to look after your eyes... Join our Gold Care membership today.

  • Our Gold Care membership scheme is designed to make paying for your eye care at Visual Answers Optometrists as agreeable as all your visits.

  • Our vision care programme starts from just £8.95 per month* is designed to give you the highest levels of eye care, exceptional value for money and the highest levels of personal service in a way that also helps you budget for your eye care by spreading the cost into monthly payments.

  • One single easy monthly payment by direct debit will cover all your eye care needs...

  • An Extended eye examination every year (worth £45 per visit) Including taking a detailed retinal photograph of the back of your eyes, allowing us to monitor the earliest changes in your retina for conditions such as Diabetes, Glaucoma and Macular degeneration. Plus an FDT examination - a special machine that checks your nerve impulses from the back of your eyes to the brain - that can detect strokes, tumours and any losses in the periphery of your vision.

  • Assessment of the front structures of your eyes (worth £30 per visit) Essential for those people that suffer from dry eyes, red eyes, watery eyes, gritty eyes, or allergies or for those who people wear contact lenses - as we also asses any swelling of your cornea that may be occurring and to ensure your eyes are breathing properly whist wearing your contact lenses by using a special microscope to examine the front structures of your eyes. This check is essential for all contact lenses wearers.

  • 25% off the cost of all glasses and sunglasses. On as many pairs of glasses as you want - including Ray Ban & Oakley

  • FREE emergency & additional appointments (saving £30 per visit) Also covers charges for additional tests you may need such as removal of in growing eyelashes, additional checks that involve the use of drops in your eyes for follow up treatments.

  • FREE replacement emergency glasses (worth £89) In the event of loss or damage to your main purchased pair - we'll provide you a complete pair of single vision glasses with stock lenses from our Freestyle range - completely free - these can normally be ready for you within 24 hours in most cases.

  • FREE contact lens trials and check ups (worth £120) 90% of all people can now wear contact lenses either full time or part time for sports and social use - you can have a FREE consultation and 5 day trail today!

  • Low priced contact lenses, solutions & accessories. All at the best internet prices with FREE home delivery in most cases.

  • Call us now and become a Gold Care member.