We have frames to suit everybody in a range of styles that have been hand-selected by us for you. In addition to renowned designer names, we also stock frames from smaller, niche companies from around the world. These unique companies design and create their own original and individual collections of high quality, bespoke eyewear that make you look good and feel great.

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Our designer brands include Polo Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, Etnia BarcelonaMulberryWilliam MorrisTaylor Morris, Albert I’mStein, Lindberg and Moleskine to name a few! We also hold staple brands such as Ray-Ban and Ted Baker. We also specialise in optical frames for smaller faces and larger faces too. Additionally, we stock hand-made and hand-finished frames such as Face a FacePro Design and Woow. We believe your glasses are not only for seeing well and being comfortable, they can be the ultimate accessory that enhances your looks and personality. Our frame collections, designs, colour pallets and styles are continuously evolving. Our dispensing team travel to Milan, Paris and other parts of the world to source and curate the latest styles and looks – just for you! Feel free to call us to make an appointment to view our ranges.

Looking for something bespoke, unique or niche? Want frames that create a wow and that have not been mass produced? Would you like styling or colour advice on your eyewear so that you look good, feel good and see great in your glasses? If so, book in for your personal Frame Styling Consultation at our sister practice Quorn Styling Opticians.

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Niche & Designer Eyewear


We stock a range of superb high-quality sunglasses from many of our suppliers, all available with or without your prescription. Sunglasses are an essential part of any eyewear wardrobe but more importantly offer protection to your eyes from the sun’s harmful UV rays.

Polarised Lenses

We’ve all experienced blinding glare by the sun which is produced when light hits a surface and is reflected back causing you to squint. Although standard tinted lenses help to block out light, they don’t have glare reducing technology which is found in our Polarised lenses. Polarised lenses have a specialised filter which helps to eliminate glare whilst improving contrast and comfort. They are ideal for tasks such as driving, golf, fishing and skiing. Come and try our range of quality sunglasses today.

Maui Jim Sunglasses – The BEST polarised lenses in the world

Hailing from the sunny shores of Hawaii, Maui Jim, our premium sunglasses partner use patented Polarised lenses that are comparable to no other. Featuring state of the art colour enhancing technology in every lens, Maui Jim sunglasses also combat glare, enhance contrast and provide exceptional eye protection and comfort as well as UV protection. Various Maui Jim lenses also feature a bi-gradient mirror coating at the top and bottom of each lens to reflect light from both above and below. Maui Jim lenses aid better transmission of light meaning more comfortable, higher contrast and reflection free vision. They are exceptional for sporting activities but as well as everyday wear and offer optimum protection. All of our Maui Jim sunglasses are available with or without your prescription, come in and try a pair and see what you’ve been missing!

What our clients say about maui jim:

“Ashleigh suggested Maui Jim sunglasses to me last year to help with my vestibular disorder, which causes me to become dizzy and lose my balance in strong light. They have helped me enormously all year round. Their lenses filter blue light better than anything I have ever tried, without feeling ’in the dark’ and with no loss of colour. They help me feel safe while walking and driving. Behind the wheel Maui Jims cut out the glare on both bright summer days and when the sun is low in winter. I can even wear them indoors and still see clearly. And they look stylish too. I am so grateful to Ashleigh for helping me research a solution to my problem with such a successful result.”  Mrs H

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